<p><img class="wrapImageCMS imageID_72704" src="http://images.autoserviceprofessional.com/post/M-STRT43-Front-Blackburn-... border="0" alt="&lt;p&gt;Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions has purchased a 96,000-square-foot warehouse to help speed order fulfillment and increase efficiencies.&lt;/p&gt;" /></p><p>Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions Inc. has purchased a 96,000-square-foot facility in Streetsboro, Ohio. The building provides additional warehouse space as well as 20 shipping and receiving docks.</p><p>The company is using 35,000 to 40,000 square feet of the warehouse for its business and leasing the rest of the space to tenants. Blackburn's has been operating the warehouse for about a month and a half.</p><p>The purchase of the facility, which is located on a 7.5 acre lot, enables the company to process incoming product at a quicker pace with increased efficiencies, according to Jimmy Blackburn, co-owner. &ldquo;This will allow us to reduce the cycle time necessary to add new product to our live inventory system which ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p><p>He says the acquisition strengthens the company&rsquo;s position as the leader in the OEM wheel industry and improves customer service.</p><p>The company&rsquo;s corporate office remains in Macedonia, Ohio, about ten miles away. Blackburn&rsquo;s was founded in Macedonia in 1983. The company moved to headquarters to its current location, which provides more space for corporate offices and shipping and receiving docks, in 2015. &nbsp;</p><p>Founded in 1983, Blackburn&rsquo;s is the largest privately held OE wheel (steel and alloy), wheel cover, and center cap distributor in the U.S. The company says its deeply rooted leadership, financial resources, and unmatched inventory supported by knowledgeable customer service propel its aggressive growth.</p><p>For more information on the company and its products, visit <a href="http://www.blackburnwheels.com">www.blackburnwheels.com</a>.</p><p></p><... href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Blalckburn-OEM-Wheel-S... OEM Wheel Solutions</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Jimmy-Blackburn">Jimmy Blackburn</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/warehouse-expansion">w... expansion</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

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