<p><img class="wrapImageCMS imageID_10379" src="http://images.autoserviceprofessional.com/post/M-MChub-1-1-1.jpg" border="0" alt="&lt;p&gt;Motorcraft's newly released hubs target high mileage older model cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks.&lt;/p&gt;" /></p><p>Ford Motor Co. reports Motorcraft is broadening its newest line of hub and bearing assemblies with price-competitive applications for more than 41 additional late-life-cycle vehicles. Newly released hubs target high mileage older model cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks.</p><p>&ldquo;Our focus on Motorcraft offering additional late-life-cycle parts at a more competitive price has brought us to this point,&rdquo; says Drew Laird, manager, Ford North America Brake Products. &ldquo;We have more than doubled the offering for this line of hubs &ndash; bringing coverage for more late-model vehicles.&rdquo;</p><p>Hubs in this new line feature an N-prefix (NHUB) to ease identification. The second wave of hubs is available now, following an initial offering that launched in February. For a complete list of new applications, <a href="http://www.fordparts.com/FileUploads/CMSFiles/Motorcraft%20Hubs%20Additi... here</a>.</p><p>Ford Motor-recommended hubs provide a quality part with the right fit, and help to ensure the repair is done right the first time, says the company. Additionally, Motorcraft hubs are covered by the two-year Service Parts Warranty (SPW), which offers unlimited mileage coverage for Ford and Motorcraft parts, including labor and no commercial exceptions.</p><p>Motorcraft hubs:</p><ul><li>offer over 90% coverage for Ford and Lincoln,</li><li>are ready to install right out of the box,</li><li>have lubed and sealed bearing assemblies which help protect them from water, mud, slush and silt,</li><li>have inner and outer raceways designed to help for long service life,</li><li>have sensor ring and sensor wires included to provide accurate ABS controller signals,</li><li>have micro-ground hub-to-rotor surfaces that minimize lateral runout and pedal vibration, and</li><li>have ABS components and bearing preload which are 100% tested.</li></ul><p>For more information on Motorcraft hub and bearing assemblies, go to <a href="http://www.fordparts.com/motorcrafthubs.aspx">http://www.fordparts.com/m... more information, visit&nbsp;<a href="http://www.motorcraft.com/">www.motorcraft.com</a>.</p><h3>Keywords</h3><a href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Ford-Motor-Co">Ford Motor Co.</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Hubs">Hubs</a>&nbsp;&n... href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Motorcraft">Motorcraft... href="http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/list/topic/Wheel-hub-assemblies">... hub assemblies</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

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